Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pre-Season Practice Begins

Opening Day for the 2011 edition of the Troy baseball team is Friday, February 18 as the Trojans host High Point University at Riddle-Pace Field. Game time is set for 6:00 pm with opening ceremonies slated for 5:45. Everyone involved with our program has that date circled on their calendar as we begin another exciting year of college baseball action.

The first pre-season team practice will take place Friday, January 28 as the Trojans begin their final preparations for a successful 2011 season. The NCAA establishes the start dates for practice and the first date of competition, so every Division I team in the country will be starting on the 28th. Each program will have three full weeks of preparation before Opening Day.

We have spent the last three weeks in our off-season phase which allows each player to have two hours of coaching instruction and six hours of strength and conditioning. Our players have worked extremely hard both on the field and in the weight room as they prepare for the start of practice. During their individual work with a coach, each player works on specific areas of their game to improve as a player. This time is invaluable for each player as they are focused on their individual skills and their improvement.

The single most important area of concern for any coaching staff is the progress and development of the pitching staff. The time required to build the arm strength, stamina and durability of each pitcher begins during the off-season time allotted. They each have a regimented throwing program that includes time in the bullpen. The first priority is to maintain the health of their arm as they increase their work load. Opening Day is not the ultimate destination for the pitching staff as they their work load increases throughout the season. The foundation formed at this time will allow them to continue improving as the year progresses.

As practice begins, the focus shifts to the team concept and the development of the team model. Each player continues to work on their individual skills each day while implementing them into the team concept and the framework of the 2011 team. The group must learn to compete together in order to be successful. Success as a team comes from the united effort of all involved and everyone must understand and commit to that principle.

As our team begins their final stages of preparation, Coach Pierce and the coaching staff will begin implementing the team concept each day during practice and lay the foundation for success in 2011. Three weeks of pre-season practice will set the tone for the beginning of the season and we all are excited about this upcoming season. I look forward to providing insight and information throughout the year. GO TROJANS!

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