Monday, November 7, 2011

Tale of the Tape: What Do You Make?

Tale of the Tape: What Do You Make?
by Alyson Gramley

November 7, 2011

Can you believe it's time for basketball season already? I know I can't. Time really does fly when you're having fun...right?! I have attended my first Church of the Hardwood at Sartain of the season. Somehow the effect just isn't the same, but it'll have to do.

This weekend produced a less than desirable outcome for the Men of Troy on the foosball team [ I love calling it that]....but guess what? We're still here. Four more games left and the most important one is the next one. I am disappointed at the cries from fans. These guys work hard day in and day out. It's unfathomable to think every game is a victory and that every loss should result in a call for changes in the lineup or coaching staff.

I'm not here to instigate or prognosticate, just reporting the facts and my opinions thereon. I bleed Trojan colors, not because I HAVE to, but because I want to. Because I see those fellas and gals giving tons of hours and effort in the name of Troy University. And because I care. And I show that in ways most of you will never even think about.

If there aren't many people on the old wagon to start with, you can only imagine how lonely it is when people start jumping off just because we aren't a dead ringer to win a SIXTH conference championship. Five Conference Championships won or shared in the last five years and people are complaining? These boys need our support (just like the basketball team did last year) and if you don't give it, then who will??

Shifting gears a morning drive to school with my daughter (on a day when I actually got to drive her to school) sounded something like this and caused me reason to reflect:

Me: Ok, today is Monday and I'll take you and the boys (carpool) and pick y'all up from school today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Orthodontist on Wednesday - touch and go...looking ahead to Thursday through this weekend, I'll be in Texas. We're going to miss Homecoming with the game time change.
Her: Oh...that's a bummer about Homecoming.
Me: Then I'll be back Saturday and next week seems mild with maybe a home game or two. I'll be in Tennessee next weekend.
Her: Ok...
Me: Then, not sure when your school gets out for Thanksgiving break, but we'll be in Birmingham Tuesday.
Her: Then you'll be in Vay-gas...[rolls her eyes]
Me: Wow! Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, Vegas...all in one month...this really is the LIFE, isn't it?
Her: Suuuurrrrre it is...

She's well-adjusted, or as much as possible. Growing up-literally- in the Athletic Training Room has a profound effect on people. I think I've done a LOT of growing up here, as well.

Week in and week out, whether the weekends bring wins or losses, the individuals of the Athletic Training staff are the voice of reason in a somtimes unreasonable world. Although some see it as 'just a game', it is truly our calling. I was reminded of this when I saw a Facebook post from one of our alums. I don't usually repost things, but couldn't resist this time. (Thanks, Kara!)

"Oh, you're a Trainer??"
No, I'm an ATHLETIC TRAINER, not a trainer.
"Oh, that's cool. I wanted to do that. What do you make?"
I make an ankle sprain that some say should take four weeks to get your athlete back on the field, playable in a week.
I can make wearing a fanny pack and driving a golf cart with lights look cool.
I can devise a rehab program after your total knee replacement so you can run in that marathon you've always dreamed of.
I can tape an ankle before you can miss 2 minutes of play.
I can make saving your child's life easier by explaining that "getting your bell rung" isn't normal, it can be deadly.
I can help you and your child survive a heart attack.
I can look at an athlete's pee and tell them how much water to drink.
I can make an athlete bigger, faster, and better.
I can translate "doctorese" from "torn anterior talofibular ligament" into ankle sprain.
I went to college to EARN A DEGREE in more than just "water girl" but also injury prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation, administration, and overall problem listening (and solving).
I do it all because I love my athletes and my profession. Today I might ice your knee, tomorrow I might save your life.
I hope I make a difference, what do you make?

Choose to be a difference maker!


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