Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jimmy Hodgskin Blog: IT'S REGIONAL TIME

Jimmy Hodgskin
May 31, 2011
10:04 PM

As everybody in Troy should know, we are going to Nashville tomorrow morning for a regional. The series of events leading up to this day were pretty unpredictable. We faced a lot of adversity as a team involving many things, but at the end of the day, we finished out on top and posted 42 wins to this point.

Riding back on the bus Saturday, not playing in the conference championship, left everybody questioning and hoping. We were in a situation that for some reason it was a question if we could or would get in. With the season we had there should have been no doubt, but there was.

The Trojans all gathered on the 4th floor of the stadium tower on Monday morning awaiting the news. Predictions all over the internet and TV had us going to such places as FSU and the ATL, some even had us at Rice. Then there were some predictions that didn't have us in at all. The bottom line is your Troy Trojans popped up on ESPN around 11:45 am and were placed in the Nashville, TN regional.

Being that we are in one of the toughest regionals out there, everybody is ready to bring their best games. Three wins and we move on.

The bottom line is we have to take it one pitch at a time and not get caught up in any other stuff. We play our best game, we will beat them.

We play Oklahoma State Friday at 2pm as Tyler Ray looks to get us rolling on the right tracks. Come out and support you don't want to miss a pitch. 5 more wins...and your Trojans are going to OMAHA!!


  1. Great blog, Jimmy! ;) Ya'll take your best game to Nashville, bring home a DUB and let's roadtrip to Omaha! So proud of ya'll already! What an awesome season! National Champs when I was at TSU! ;) D-1, now, so the stakes have been raised. Ya'll keep it up and show errybody what we got! Best of luck! We'll be praying for ya'll! We'd be there, but we'll be working the Regionals in Tally this weekend. We'll def be keeping up with the games! Stay focused!! Safe travels and take care!

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