Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kanorris Davis on

For those of you who don't have a subscription to the INsiders portion of, here is what Bruce Feldman had to say about Kanorris Davis.

5. Kanorris Davis, LB, Troy Trojans

The Trojans have a couple of guys who could've made the Freaks list Top 10. Defensive end Brandon Boudreaux is under 240 pounds and has repped 225 on the bench almost 50 times. But it's the 5-9, 203-pound junior linebacker who really gets Troy strength coach Richard Shaughnessy gushing. Yeah, Davis -- who has forced five fumbles in the past two seasons -- can run a 4.40; however, it's jumping ability that turns heads. Want proof? Check out this video of Davis, whose vertical has been measured at 42 inches, vaulting clear over 6-foot Troy punter Will Goggans (of Santa Claus beard fame) in the weight room. The Trojans' strength coach also points out that Davis even looks like a freak. "The guy needs to be modeling for Calvin Klein," says Shaughnessy, who predicts that Davis can make it to the NFL on his special-teams prowess alone.

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