Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Early July is always a time to catch my breath before diving into another September-to-May stretch broadcasting Troy athletics, but there's a lot of planning involved as well. Here's a little background:
The upcoming football season will mark my ninth year as the radio "Voice of the Trojans" and in the three sports I broadcast --football, men's basketball, and baseball-- I've broadcast a championship season in at least one of those sports every year! In a business filled with "good news broadcasters" and "bad news broadcasters", I've been fortunate to broadcast a lot of good news.
This blog will primarily serve as an up-to-the-minute source for all of the latest broadcast news, air times, schedules, audio links, background features, and whatever else might be important to you, but it's going to be pretty light, or at least light-hearted. There's also my Twitter account for quick updates, plus a Troy ISP Sports Network Facebook page, in which you can also post questions for Coach Blakeney this fall during Trojan Talk, which we're proud to announce will be held at the Santa Fe Steakhouse in Troy this year (every Tuesday night from 7-8pm, starting August 31st).
We'll (hopefully) have a lot of fun with this blog, and hope you have fun with it as well! We'll flesh it out with links, photos, audio clips, and a glimpse behind the scenes of our broadcasts and Troy Trojan athletics as a whole! The best part of my work with Troy have always been the people: the coaches, my broadcast crew at ISP (Jerry, Chris, Mike, Michael, Taylor, Ricky, etc.), and some of the finest young people in the collegiate student-athlete ranks in the country. Welcome to my world!

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