Wednesday, July 21, 2010


4:26 p.m., WEDNESDAY, JULY 21

It has been officially three weeks since we launched our new website, and a lot of people are giving me credit ... however, there are many people that should be lauded for their effort in the transition and it doesn't just start and stop with the people in our office. A lot of the credit goes to my boss, Ricky Hazel, who trusted me to let me run with the project and allowed me to be creative in what we choose to go with and what to add. Also, all of our staff members who have put in the hard work over time to put in stories and releases, most of that information was transferred over. I also owe a big thanks to Mike Frigge and Alicia Bookout whose critique of this site and others helped make the design easy. And the biggest thank you to all goes to the staff of Sidearm, who without their patience and hard work, this project would have never come to fruition.

Another big thank you goes out to you, all of the loyal Troy University supporters, because without your support we would not have needed a new website and something that was user-friendly and captured the eye.

Over the next few weeks, you will see things pop up on the website that will catch you by surprise and if a link doesn't work today, we are still in the process of working out things and it will just take a little bit more time but I am sure you will like the finished product.

I had a chance to go to San Francisco just two days after the website was launched and was pleasantly surprised, really I think shocked is the best word, when I got to the CoSIDA Convention and our website was being used by Sidearm as a selling point to other clients. That was one of the biggest honors I can say I have been associated with, and it meant that we did the right thing on the design. Also, while out there, I learned some new things that you will see start popping up on the website, some of which include the way we will write for the remainder of the year. Who knows better what is going at Troy then the Media Relations office, and who better to relay that information to our fans. Also, we will be launching our new All-Access for webstreaming and audio, and for those of you who had accounts with NeuLion (JumpTV) we are currently working on that as well.

I hope you like what you see and I hope you will let me know if you can't find something you are looking for. One big thing to look for in the future is a downloadable schedule for Outlook for all of our fans to put in their email calendar.

Once again, thank you for your patience and until next time ... GO TROJANS!!

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