Friday, September 17, 2010

Heading to the Dragon's Lair!

by Barry McKnight
In a uberbusy week, I've just headed out to Birmingham to get set up for the radio broadcast of Troy-UAB football from Legion Field Saturday afternoon. If you're planning on coming to the game (and you really should), bear in ind that you can hear our broadcast live inside the stadium on our Birmingham affiliate WYDE-FM 101.1, or on any of our Troy ISP Sports Network affiliates here. We'll be on the air at 1pm with the KFC Tailgate Show. The online broadcast is here.
There is no TV for the game. There WILL be television highlights on The Trojan Football Report with Coach Blakeney on selected TV stations and cable outlets throughout the Southeast. Coach and I sit down immediately after the game and go over the action, with features and a preview of next week's opponent. Check the availability and time in your area!


  1. Barry: What happened last week with the stations shutting down the game with Troy driving for a TD near the end?! I went crazy trying to find a new site to listen to the end and wound up having to listen to a OSU station. Also, why are some of the stations listed as affiliates not airing the games? It seems like it's harder this year to find the game online than ever.

  2. Bob: ISP does not allow audio streaming of the games online at any of their institutions, unless it is by the institutions themselves without subscriptions. This is why we offer the audio subscription through our website with ISP. Here is the link for the audio broadcast of each event we link ...

    I understand there are some out there who stream without permission and those are subject to penalty from ISP if doing so. I am not sure why some of the stations listed as affiliates are not airing on the radio, that is a question directed at Eric Williamson at Troy ISP.