Friday, October 15, 2010

Cajuns Come to Call

8:30 PM, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010

I've been getting a lot of emails, tweets, and Facebook messages over the last couple of months as I endeavor to go as digital as humanly possible (or as possible for me and my limited technical expertise) and I absolutely appreciate it! Part of our work here is to get as much out about our broadcasts as we possibly can, and to encourage fan interaction with us, whether it's our football, basketball, or baseball broadcasts, or with our weekly Trojan Talk with the Troy coaches. As Coach Blakeney has said, we've always had D-1 fans, and any input you give me/us can only help. Email me, or become a fan of our ISP Facebook Page, or follow me on Twitter!

That brings me to this: because next week is an off-week, Coach Blakeney has been scheduled to speak to the Montgomery Quarterback Club next Tuesday. He's been an annual guest of that great organization for years, and his visit is one of the most popular ones they host each year (you can find out more about the group --and it's one of my favorites-- if you live in the Montgomery area by logging on to What it does, to use one of Steve Dennis's favorite phrases, is create an opportunity for next Tuesday's Trojan Talk for a couple of the assistant coaches to take your calls and questions. Offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield will be there, and maybe we'll get one of the Trojan players out as well to take your calls. It's held every Tuesday at Santa Fe Cattle Company on Highway 231 from 7-8pm and we'll take your toll-free calls at 866-736-5889.

Without a doubt, the most overarching topic I hear every week is TV coverage plans for Troy football for that week! This week's home game against Louisiana-Lafayette has no plans for live TV, so you --the Trojan Nation-- have three choices: (1) get to the game! Tickets are available by calling in advance at 877-878-WINS (and basketball season tickets are on sale now, by the way) and it's a critical, critical game for the Trojans, (b) listen to it on the Troy ISP Sports Network, either via one of our outstanding affiliates, or online coast-to-coast and worldwide at, or (d) my personal favorite: going to the game AND listening to it on the radio! Jerry, Chris, Ryan, and I set up at the Green Davis Tailgate Terrace for our pregame show, which begins at 4pm or, as I like to look at it, 15 minutes after Trojan Walk starts at Hawkins Hall at 3:45! You can listen at the game on our flagship station, 94.7FM WTBF in Troy. (For what it's worth, the cake pictured at the left is one of the wedding cakes at our studio host Mike Mote's wedding over the summer, and has nothing to do with this paragraph; I just liked it and wanted to plaster it up there).

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  1. It would be great if you all could provide hot links to the affiliate stations. How many of them actually carry the games? Thanks and keep up the great work.