Monday, October 25, 2010

PC for game week at ULM

7:50 PM, MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2010

Press conference day at Troy! The multitudes gathered from the finest media outlets in the Southeast and we finally --after two weeks-- had an actual game to ask the coaches and players about. The game at ULM Saturday afternoon represents the Trojans' return to Monroe for the first time since losing there in 2008 31-30. If you remember, Sam Glusman's field goal to win was a spoonful of Cheerios short from 56 yards and it remains the last game that Troy's lost in the Sun Belt Conference. Broadcasting Trojans basketball and baseball as I do, I've been to Monroe many times since that loss and still look at that stadium and wonder why Troy doesn't usually play their best there. Troy, of course, handled the Warhawks last year fairly easily in Troy in a game where I think Jerrel Jernigan caught a bazillion passes for a bazillion yards. At today's press conference, Jerrel was asked about his production in that game. When Larry Blakeney spoke to the media, I asked him about Jernigan's athleticism as compared to his intelligence and work ethic; Blakeney's response is about halfway through his comments. Sophomore DE Jonathan Massaquoi, who's very impressive and is one of the most thoughtful, poised men to represent Troy football in recent memory, responded to a question about how he spent his off Saturday last week, and QB Corey Robinson was asked about his off week as well.

Tuesday night is, as always, Trojan Talk, live from Santa Fe Cattle Company on Highway 231 in Troy. The coordinators, Jeremy Rowell and Kenny Edenfield, pinch-hit for Larry Blakeney last Tuesday during the off-week, but Coach Blakeney makes his return this week to take your calls toll-free at 1-866-736-5889, and your Facebook questions as well, from 7-8pm Tuesday night on the Troy ISP Sports Network and online at Trojan Talk has really grown over the last several years and, if you've been missing it, you've been missing a great hour of Troy conversation and fellowship!

Finally, a note about a Troy Trojan who's about to burst onto the national stage (with the help of the Trojan Nation). Jennifer McKinnon is a junior from Holtville, AL, and is about to enter the 5th Round of the Athlon Sideline Spirit Contest next week. Details are here, and Jennifer was joined by Troy cheerleading coach Amber Spradley at Monday's press conference to urge fans to vote and show their support. Here's the audio of their comments; remember voting begins on November 4th!

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