Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gameday for MTSU

I promised some photos on Game Day, but I'm probably too amped up and focused on the radio broadcast ahead to take many more, to be honest. We're staying at an ultra-nice Marriott in Nashville by the airport, which is great for the student-athletes because they've comped the internet (despite the fact that it's a midweek game, the guys are still under the gun for tests, papers, presentations, etc.) to allow the players to work on school, but probably the main reason we're back is because this hotel brought us a win the last time we stayed here in 2008. Don't ever believe we're not a superstitious bunch!

We all prepare for gameday on the road in different ways: the players get to sleep in, because it's a late game. I co-hosted my morning radio show live from the hotel room, as I have to do a LOT because of my travels with basketball and baseball. Strength coach Richard Shaughnessy and head trainer Chuck Ash met in the lobby and went to work out. Assistant trainer Alyson Gramley went for a pregame run. The radio crew (other than me, 'cause I was on the air) meets in the morning downstairs and devours the local papers for nuggets they can use on the broadcast. We all get ready in different ways, but we'll all be ready at gametime!

Then, the radio crew meets to go tackle our pregame meal! For years --dating back to our old Atlantic Sun days-- a trip to Nashville always means a trip to Jack's Barbecue downtown, and this trip is no different. Jerry and I have eaten there dozens of times, Chris has eaten there but was too sick on our last visit (back in 2008) to truly appreciate it, and Ryan was a rookie. Ryan acquitted himself well, though: stepped right up and ordered the three-meat combo authoritatively and even played the Mac-and-cheese option as well. Our crew works very well together, and one of the secrets to that is that we all get along well together, especially where food is concerned!

Again, our broadcast is on the radio and online starting at 5pm CT (for the Birmingham members of the Trojan Nation, it won't be on our FM affiliate because of midweek obligations, but it again will be aired in Birmingham on WYDE AM 1260); we'll feature in our pregame show a visit from DE coach and recruiting coordinator Randy Butler and associate athletic director Tony Ferrante, plus all of the award-winning postgame locker room interviews and highlights after the game as well. It'll be televised on ESPN2 and, if you're away from the TV, it'll be live on the internet at espn3.com! Go Trojans!

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