Saturday, November 6, 2010

Going to the Big "D" and I do mean Dunbar


A sm
ooth flight into the Fort Worth Airport on Friday from the Dothan Regional Airport, and now I'm blogging from the sumptuous accommodations of the DFW Airport Marriott, where the team bunked last night in preparation for tonight's matchup against North Texas in Denton. A big group of us at at the Trail Dust Steakhouse in Arlington (right next to Rangers Ballpark), then a smaller group of us took off for Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas to soak in some history about the Kennedy assassination. Jerry Miller, Chris Blackshear, Ryan Hayden, Taylor Bryan, Alyson Gramley, and I took in the Grassy Knoll, the Texas School Book Depository, and the on-site memorial. Powerful stuff!

On to North Texas today to, hopefully, start a new long Sun Belt winning streak again against the Mean
Green. North Texas is known as the alma mater of former Eagles drummer Don Henley (left), but is more recently (and problematically for the Trojans) as the home of UNT running back Lance Dunbar, who Coach Blakeney thinks is one of the top 10 backs in the nation. I'd look for the Troy offense, led by a resurgent QB Corey Robinson (remember Levi threw for 469 against these guys last year) to get back to Troy standards, but the defense and their work against Dunbar may be the telling factor in the game for the Trojans!

There is no live television coverage planned for tonight's game, so you either need a radio, computer, or ticket to follow the action. We'll have the radio broadcast beginning at 4pm, on the radio conglomerate of the Troy Sports Network, or online at Kickoff is at 6pm, and we'll fly back to Dothan right after the game!

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