Friday, March 18, 2011

The Bat: The Ultimate Weapon on the Playing Field

The Bat: The Ultimate Weapon on the Playing Field

The 2010 Troy Trojans posted an unbelievable stat last year, stroking 100 home runs. This is a number most people would laugh at in disbelief. Power hitters filled the roster as they do for this years' squad.

However there is a huge difference in this year and last year -- the bat they get to swing.

Last years' bat was dominant. Hitters would smile when they put it in their hands. This year the TPX is a log however.

It is extremely difficult to make such an adjustment, bat-to-bat, however our unbelievably dominant hitters easily do so.

With guys like as Blake, AB, Boosie Boo, Hayden, T.J., Tyson, Petey, Prichard, Clay, McGowan, Logan, Big Country Kyle, Boone, Toddy Todd, Dixon, Ali, JMac, Siegel and Vaughn -- you know, the whole team -- with guys like this in the lineup, it's too tough for the opposing pitcher.

Not only are their skill levels and abilities unbelievable, but with good bats in their hands and it got out of control. Balls soared off there bats into other orbits and atmospheres.

Now we break out the newer version of the TPX this weekend and I'm sure bombs will continue to be dropped.

Come out and support the Trojans this weekend as we take on USA in our first conference game.

Jimmy Hodgskin

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