Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From Vegas

Thursday, March 9, 2011
Senior Ashley Adkins

How 'bout that ride in? Guess that's why they call it sin city. It's good to see Miss Pats smiling face every time we travel .. too bad she can't come all the way with us.

The trip started off with coach giving us a life lesson. Even professionals aren't disciplined enough to do what they are supposed to do, how it's supposed to be done, WHEN it's supposed to be done and doing it that way everytime. No matter what you do in life, big or small, do it right.

We ate lunch at habaneras was muy bueno, except for the hair in the salsa. I used to complain about never getting a spring break because I was always playing ball and now that it's my last year I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else with any other people.

We finally landed in Vegas, the flight was pretty long but nothing like Hawaii, and we got to sit next to some west coast boys. The double double at in and out burger was awesome ... shh don't tell coach.

We got to hit the strip for the night. All these lights and hotels/casinos are beautiful. I hope our team has as much luck as I did on the slot machines. Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible. We have two late games so we get to relax, eat lunch and walk around mandalay bay today. We dropped both games tonight to UNLV and San Diego. Although they were good teams we should of won both. We have to get better tomorrow and prove why we got the opportunity to come out here.

We had late games again tonight. We lost in extra innings to Kansas and beat San Jose. Way to bounce back. We are back at the field early to play Bradley. We took care of them in 5. Now we get to enjoy the rest of our day in Vegas! Happy birthday Cooper!

Tomorrow we are off to Cali!

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