Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Final Time From the West Coast

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 9:00 am
by Randi Ashworth

Wednesday 3/09, 5:25 pm
We just left the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It was a very peaceful and educational way to spend an off day. Even the players who seemed a bit skeptical about spending part of their off day in California in a museum walked away with a true appreciation for one of Americas great former leaders.

The museum was set in Simi Valley, California with a beautiful back drop of rolling mountains. We got to explore the museum at our own pace starting at Reagan's childhood years into his radio and film day. We learned about the many ways he developed his leadership and communication skills. We watched a brief video of how he met his wife Nancy and her many roles often times behind the scenes. We learned about his strategies in reducing government debt, his war on drugs and his involvement in foreign affairs and all of his many successes. A clip was played of the attempted assassination and his forever gratitude to God that stemmed from his survival of this incident.

We then watched videos of his struggle with Alzheimer's disease and relived the mourning of the country when he died. In addition to all of this we got to go on board an Air Force One aircraft and see exactly what it was like when Reagan flew on it. Over all this has been my favorite non-softball activity we have done this far. I don't think anyone could leave with out a heightened appreciation for our country's leaders, a greater respect for President Reagan, or an
overwhelming motivation to also want to make a difference in the world.

-- Thank you Mr. Reagan

We got into the Picadilly Inn late after eating at an authentic mexican diner where tongue tacos were an option on the menu.. YUMM.. Not exactly La Parota.

We went to bed and began preparing for our game against Idaho.

Thursday 3/10, 11 am
We went for a walk with Coach to get everyone up and moving then we got dressed and are now on our way to pregame meal.

We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory. More my style than the mexican diner the night before.

Dropped a game against Idaho State despite turning multiple double plays. Our bats didn't turn on tonight and it's been quite a battle between our southern team and these west coast umpires. There were multiple illegal pitch calls. Now its time to ice bath and get refreshed to bounce back tomorrow.

Friday, 3/11

Early morning breakfast and bus pulls out at 7am. Everyones ready for a little redemption.

We defeated Bradley for the third time this season. However our bats were still not quite as lively as we have grown used to and are capable of, but a W is a W. Our second opponent was Drake. We trailed 5-1 heading into the top of the seventh we finally got a few hits through and it spread like wild fire. We won in the 8th inning 12-5. It was a proud day to be a Trojan. To top it all off Hayden hit two home runs for her 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Hayden! Now we are heading to Outback for a delicious celebratory dinner!!

Saturday, 3/12, 10 am
And the last day of a long trip of demanding schedules and intense play. However it still wasn't too much to keep the coaches from finding a field and making time to help players in getting a few extra reps and making a couple tweeks as we prepared to play 11th ranked California and Fresno State.

We had two very tough losses today. Cal 1-0 on an arguable call and Fresno State 2-1.

As we close out the trip we leave with our tasks ahead very clear, the areas in which that we should be focusing on and pride in being a part of a wonderful team that made a statement on the west coast.

We pull out of Fresno at 1:30 am and as I pack and reflect on this past week. I can't help but feel thankful for the opportunity that I have been given, seeing Las Vegas and California, competing in the game I love with top ranked opponents and spending time with team mates that feel more and more like family. For me this was the best way I could have spent any spring break.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible.

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