Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From the Davis Cup ... all the way from England

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Troy University freshman Sami Ghorbel is currently representing his country in the Davis Cup, and here is what he has to say about his first few days there ...

To be able to represent my country is one of the highest honors I could receive. I was born and raised in Tunisia, and waving its colors always brings me joy.

It is also a honor for me to be picked up for the Davis cup team for the first time and to be play able to play against a good team in England. I think it is a good opportunity for me to compete and show up against really good and professional players who are ranked in the ATP. It will help me improve my tennis level, and I think I will also be ready for the matches with the Trojans and for the conference, when I return.

The organization is really good. People are being really nice here and they are trying to make us feel comfortable. We have everything we need to be prepared for this match, and I think we have our chance to win even if it is in England and the stadium will be full of supporters.

We are playing in Bolton Arena. It's a Leisure complex focusing on tennis but also includes football and athletics. It has really nice facilities and services with news and special offers. The hotel is really close to the courts which make it easier for us to rest.

Today we practiced in the morning at 12 then we will hit in the afternoon. After the practice, we will have a massage session. The official dinner is delayed for Saturday night.

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