Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On The Road with Freshman Taylor Smartt

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well we are headed to Hattiesburg, Mississippi with Ms Pat driving our bus.

Had a decent week of practice just ready to play and see if our defense has gotten a little more solid compared to our tourney in Troy this past weekend. Hopefully our bats will still be hot like they have been.

We have a pet this trip, the turtleee!! Coach rescued it and my fellow freshman and roommate this trip, Kacie and I are keeping, this shall be interesting!

Catch phrase kept the bus ride fun and entertaining

We just had a good dinner at the Williams house. Thank y'all!

Well we are searching for a hotel, this should be interesting...Marriott it is!!

Kacie and I played with the turtle and fed him. We played a prank on Shields room and let the turtle in there to scare them lol

Trojan baseball won yay! Bed time!

Good mornninggg. It's bright and early. Me and Kacie both had dreams about the turtle climbing in bed and biting us..ha

On the bus waiting for our breakfast which is in a ditch with Ally and Denise. I'm ready to play and feel great, it's gonna be a great weekend.

Off to the ball field, GAMEE TIMEE!

Two wins yay! We played well scored a bunch of runs. Had errors but the bucoods of runs still let us get the w's. Nicholls and Mississippi Valley State beaten. I hit my first collegiate home run today, but my mom missed it by 15 minutes. Just glad I am contributing to the hits and now keep working harder to be consiistent. The middle of the line up got alot of hits and RBI's, congrats!

Ice baths...I SCREAMED SOO LOUD! 30 seconds that I hated lol ....but it helped.

Now shoppingggg yayy! We are karoking on the bus while Ms Pat is in Walmart.
Ashley is leading us in some GREAATT song let me tell you

Dinner at Mexican restaurant then our scouting report meeting. Picking up the turtle on the way to the room. Been along day, I'm going to sleep.

Morninggg Trojans! Not as early as the night before but it's early. The turtle is alive and well! Ready to have a great day at the ball field again today.

On the bus, listing to my iPod getting ready for 2 more w's.

Well we won against Evansville, not as many runs but 2 home runs helped us to that win, we played great defense and had no errors. Yay!
On the bus cooling off before our games vs Southern Miss. About to play some catch phrase..

This game should be good as long as we played solid defense and hit the ball then we will have no worries. Letsss gooo!

Well go Trojans! We won. The final in the southern miss game was 15-9. Gave up 6 runs in bottom of the first but we never let that scare us we got 3 in the top 2 then they went up 2 more then we put up a 7 in the top of the 3 and we never turned back. Defense wasn't great but it was good enough to get the job done and get a w! I'm pretty sure everyone in our line up got a hit. It was a great tourney and feels great to win it after falling short in our's 4-0 for the weekend.... We will take that and now 11-3 on the season

On the road again, headed back to T-Roy! Gotta a solid week of practice ahead of us then headed to the West Coast! I'm so excited!

It's great to be a Trojan and part of this team

Taylor Smartt #14

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